The final betting odds to rule Westeros at the end of Game of Thrones are published and there are a great deal fewer names and some big-time odds movement. Bran is currently paying -500 because it would appear that the outcomes of the finale may have leaked.
While Bran and Jon have been obvious bets during the entire year, below we will take a look at a few other choices with a chance to multiply your winnings. Just my opinion, but I believe Tyrion is a dead man and they are setting Daenerys up for a tragic end.
While this is a favorite bet to create, do not forget that you can bet on a great deal more when it comes to the last period, including who will be the following to perish and a whole host of additional prop bets.
There is a sect of lovers who think it will really be Sansa (+400) who ultimately claims the Iron Throne. This theory is plausible since it seems that one way they can go with the narrative is to set up a final battle between the remaining strong female leaders: Sansa, Daenerys, Yara and Arya.
Sansa has definitely been through the roughest road, all of the while preserving grace and serene. Her adventures have morphed her into a clever, ruthless, driven and strong female who has reclaimed her father’s house of Winterfell.
There’s some who theorize that she will finally end up murdering her beloved sister Arya on the way into the throne.
Gendry Getting Betting Action
Gendry, a bastard son of Robert Baratheon, has proceeded out of +7000 all the way to +600, back to +1600, and today sits in +3000. It looks like that the Gendry theory could possibly be out the window.

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