That means when you swing across the target both directions you get a good signal each way. However on the dry sand it was a breeze to metal detect. It will pick up iron such as nails and screws but will trial and testing you will be able to eliminate these through the sounds. Once you have gotten used to it and the different bell tones that it makes on various finds you can switch to all metal.

Ground Balance: many metal detectors have varying options and degrees of sophistication in allowing you to cancel, or adjust for, the minerals in the ground so that the metal detector will not alert you in error. With a waterproof, 8-inch search coil, the Tracker IV features three different operating detecting modes. The «Garrett Ace 200» is the second best metal detector I recommend for starters.

The Fisher F70 Ltd coils are all has come with the 11 inch double D search coil to enhance your detecting experience. By using the metal detector before making the purchase, you can get a good feel if it’s right for you before making the buying and maybe even find an impactful cheap metal detector.

These are pretty important questions because there’s al lot of difference between hunting in the desert or at a beach, You must take this into account when making your choice. When you’re living close to a beach its really nice to search for jewelry.

The CS4PI is a pulse induction metal detector which is finely tuned for beaches and sites with difficult ground conditions. The X-Terra range really does excel in iron discrimination so if you really want something that cuts back on the junk then they are a good choice of metal detectors, but as I said if you can invest the money in a used 705 it’s pretty much the same layout but far more powerful. Considering Minelab had the beginner in mind when they designed and created the metal detector I do believe they overcomplicated it. I personally think for a beginner this metal detector is probably a little complex. It’s gained a lot of credibility over the years in the beginners metal detector range and is also sometimes considered a mid-range machine because of its power.

You also need to consider factors such as the child’s age, strength and detecting experience though. In terms of performance, the ACE 300 and ACE 400 have similar detection abilities. This alters the audio signal depending on the ferrous properties of the target. But when it comes to inexpensive detecting for under $150, the Tracker IV is probably the best choice.

A rugged metal detector is what you must prefer if your handling is rough or if you like to try your luck at extreme weather conditions and difficult terrains. Design determines the overall performance, ergonomics, ease-of-handling and even effectiveness of a metal detector. Crafted for kids this metal detector is by no means just a toy. This metal detector is crafted to be lightweight and its ergonomic design facilitates ease of handling.

Garrett ACE 400 Metal Detector with 8.5″ x 11″ PROformance DD Waterproof Submersible Search Coil, Coil Cover, ClearSound Headphones, Garrett Pro-Pointer II Pinpointer, ACE Environmental Cover Up for control box, Adjustable Arm Strap, Batteries and a Two-Year Warranty. It can be beneficial to choose a metal detector that’s easy to use at first, but that offers beginner treasure hunters a chance to grow as they use it.  You may be willing to put in some time learning various settings and familiarizing yourself with audio tones if you already know that you’ll be a serious treasure hunter.