Tonight and tomorrow (Jun. 26-27) from the sweltering heat of Miami, Fl., the 20 Democrats expecting to earn their party’s nomination for the Presidency will meet face to face to a debate stage for the first time.
Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and joe Biden input as the frontrunners to battle Trump in 2020, but that really is just the nascency of season. 1 slip-up, one scream that is embarrassing that is insensitive comment can bring down a candidate in a moment’s notice. Online sportsbooks, per average have submitted a number of bets.
As a sort of public support — hey, maybe we should run for office! — all the available wagers have been gathered by our team. Below, you’ll get every suggestion where it is possible to gamble on it, and you may bet on tomorrow and tonight , along with the odds.
They’re grouped into the following sections:
Trump-Related Over/Unders
What Will the Candidates’ Actually Say/Do?
Which Topic Will the Moderator Bring Up First on Night?
Which Candidate Will Talk the Most on Night #2?
Polling Amounts After the Debates
Trump-Related Over/Unders
Proposition Over Odds Under Curious?
Amount of times candidates state»Trump» [on] Wed. and Thu. [combined] more than 20.5 (-120) Under 20.5 (-120) BetOnline
How many times will Donald Trump be cited during June debates? More than 45.5 (-115) Under 45.5 (-115) Bovada
President Trump’s approval rating on July 1st More than 42.0 (-120) Under 42.0 (-120) BetOnline
Number of times Trump Tweets through Wed. debate Over 1.5 (-200) Under 1.5 (+150) BetOnline
Number of occasions Trump Tweets»Pocahontas» [on Jun. 26] Over 0.5 (+145) Under 0.5 (-190) BetOnline
Number of occasions Trump Tweets»Alfred E. Neuman» [on Jun. 27] More than 0.5 (+300) Under (-500) BetOnline
Number of occasions Trump Tweets»Sleepy Joe» [on Jun. 27] Over 1.5 (+300) Under 1.5 (-500) BetOnline
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We will be updating this page in the chances with the props and any changes throughout the day.