Bearing that in mind both parties may get what they want. While the Jags should get a bunch of value in 21, ramsey will move to a group. He is very likely to get paid that likely was not likely to occur in Jacksonville. The Jags don’t have a history when it comes to paying gamers. They were unlikely to offer him the contract he was searching for, especially with how much they’re paying Nick Foles.
In 24 years old, Ramsey is not in his prime however he is the best corner in the NFL. He’s undoubtedly the dominant. His combination of size and speed makes him a true shutdown corner. He also had been a First Team All-Pro and he’s made the Pro Bowl. He is great and he isn’t shy about reminding everybody. His brash character has seen him get into trouble not just with competitions but his own team. His criticism of coaching decisions hasn’t sat well with a lot of people in the business.
Everybody in NFL circles knows as a demanding coach who does not tolerate crew rules being brokenup. He has witnessed the outbursts first hand of Ramsey since being hired as Jacksonville’s top football executive at 2017. This trade seems to possess Coughlin’s fingerprints all over it. There is and Doug Marrone happen in a company he’s currently running.
Even though Ramsey will likely go into a better group, if the Jaguars play their cards right, they need to have the ability to acquire plenty of value. There are shutdown corners from the NFL and also a lot of teams will be willing to pay high dollar for Ramsey’s services. Jacksonville will need a 1st round pick and additional compensation. 1 look at their roster and they may have the ability to fill some depth problems at their ability positions should they play their cards correctly.
It was unlikely that Ramsey was going to stay so to find something in return for him today is a win for Jacksonville. Finding a frustrated player out of town does not hurt team morale . Ramsey is actually quite popular with his teammates however, they must understand this move by the group is for the ideal.
It’s impossible to know because there are a whole lot of teams that will use 21, where he would end up. 1 such group that comes to mind will be the Kansas City Chiefs. They must be doing what they can to receive their hands it could be hard. They just compensated Tyreek Hill not mention Patrick Mahomes will be the highest paid player in the league when he signs a new thing. The Jaguars need to be able to cash in big on their soon to be prior cornerback, regardless of the place Ramsey ends up.

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